Healthy Choices

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“Green” paint is much more than just a color. Its about using products that help keep your family, your home and our earth healthy.

Thats why at Krippner Painting our program to improve the sustainability of our business, and your project, is called Healthy Choices. It is designed to help you make the right decision about the products you put onto your house and to help us improve our application techniques, material handling, and business practices .

Healthy Choices mean:

  • Keeping the air in your home clean and fresh
  • Protecting your investment from moisture, mold, microbes and UV radiation
  • Minimizing the use of toxic chemicals and emissions to the environment

Inside and Out

All paint products should be produced with the lowest levels of toxic materials possible.  But when choosing the right paint its important to consider the different performance demands on the inside and outside of the house.

The role of an exterior paint is to act as your first line of defense.  Key features of a healthy exterior paint are:

  • Durability – Protecting your home from moisture, mold, mildew, and damaging UV radiation
  • Fade Resistance – Extending color life and minimizing repaints
  • Low Emitting – reducing low level ozone and improving air quality

Inside, protecting air quality is paramount. A healthy choice of an interior paint will offer:

  • Ultra Low or Zero VOCs – keeping hazardous fumes out of your home
  • Durability and washability to protect the painted finish against damage from children, pets, or spills

Beyond Paint

Making Healthy Choices often requires us to think past the norm. At Krippner Painting, we continuously search for new products that improve the sustainability of the homes and projects we work on. A great example of that effort is the STO Emerald Coat, Liquid Applied Air Barrier.

This next generation product provides a continuous barrier without holes or seams typical of conventional building wraps. It bonds directly with the substrate protecting it from direct contact with moisture.

When properly installed by our skilled craftsmen, STO Emerald Coat, as part of the complete STO system, can:

  • Dramatically reduce air leakage
  • Reduce energy use by up to 40% (in heating climate zones)
  • Protect your home from moisture, mold and mildew